Determination describes a lot of things. Devotion to ones self and ones craft are where Felicia Glasper stands out  in this booming cannabis Industry. 


Being in the fast-paced, guest-driven service industry for almost twenty years has nothing but curated this obscene passion and deep love for the art of cooking and hosting for friends and families throughout the world.


Staying in the service industry allowed Felicia to work with many creative chefs and owners who have pushed her to always be pursuing her passion to create a lifelong career as an entrepreneur, developing these new companies and opportunities for others to blossom in the industry as well!


A past wisdom of generations come through with the desire to feed the mind, body and soul with cultures and traditions that are quickly diminishing with this tech driven world. A home-cooked meal or treat is that last connecting piece.


Felicia is excited to share the stage with such amazing leadership in the Cannabis industry to share her story of why she started her company Hosted and Toasted, which choices led her down the entrepreneurial path she has taken to use with her degree in Applied Arts from Madison College and her life-long experience being a leader in and out of the kitchen.